“Girls can do anything. There aren’t any limits”

“Girls can do anything. There aren’t any limits” “Fighting through adversity” “Never stop fighting” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qK4MFgKFxs0 Do some our Headline Sponsor’s  core values resonate with you? They certainly do with the Spotlight on Japan 2017 team. On March 7th we will hear from an exciting panel of 5 inspired speakers, share our #BeBoldFor Change commitments and […]

Empowering people together

‘Fighting through adversity’. ‘Never stop fighting’. These are some of the powerful beliefs of Spartan and the thousands of participants in Spartan races worldwide. I am delighted to introduce our Headline sponsor for Spotlight on Japan 2017 – Spartan Japan. Spartan invites you to #BeBoldForChange – come along on March 7th for an inspiring, fun […]