Spotlight Ambassador: Florian Kohlbacher

Grassroots change: Insights from Spotlight Ambassador Florian Kohlbacher

Our final Spotlight Amabassador, Florian Kohlbacher, calls on Japan to stop making “lazy excuses” for it’s position on gender equality. Having discovered that the average time taken for paternity leave was one day, Florian shares more revelations and deep-rooted challenges that Japan must resolve to create a gender equal society for the next generations. To […]

Kiyo Weiss – Our 5th Spotlight Ambassador shows she has been bold for change throughout her career. #BeBoldForChange

Our 5th Spotlight Amabassador, Kiyo Weiss, shares her own #BeBoldForChange thoughts in the run up to International Women’s Day and the Spotlight on Japan 2017 event.  Real action on overtime, job mobility, education and learning English is required, she says.  “Cultural change takes time, and we just have to keep trying to influence the government.” […]

‘Fathers actively engaged in raising their children’ – The Ikumen trend in Japan.

Ikumen Trend is a solution to solving Japan’s issues of demographic aging and the falling birth rate – when men help with the household and child-rearing, women are also able to pursue their careers, so boosting the female workforce and raising GDP  The definition of Ikumen is ‘fathers actively engaged in raising their children’. With […]