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Welcome to Mums in Business!

We're a group of professional females with one thing in common - we're all frantically trying to find ways to balance working life with everything family life throws at us too.

We love being mums, but we also love having a career. And because it's rarely easy to do both brilliantly, we get together every month to share experiences and tips, have some laughs, shed tears of frustration (sometimes), and generally provide support. Often over a glass or two of wine. It's a great place to network professionally too. Many of our members are senior leaders in a range of businesses in Tokyo, meaning worthwhile connections and business relationships are also often formed.

If you're in Tokyo, and currently (or soon to be) a working mum - join us today and pop down to our next meeting.

Born and raised in Manchester, UK, I have lived in Tokyo since 2011. Following my international relocation with Michael Page, a worldwide leader in specialist recruitment, I soon realised that Japan presents many challenges to women ambitious in their career development. And so, after the birth of my second son in Tokyo, and following a frustrating conversation with a working mum friend in the park - where neither of us could finish a sentence without a 3 year old or newborn demanding our attention - Mums in Business was formed. The first social gathering was in a local bar in November 2013 and I still remember to this day how inspired and invigorated I felt in the company of 6 working mums, all thankful to have a glass of wine in a relaxed environment.

Inspired by many professional women; women pursuing corporate careers and also those following their own dreams of setting up a business, I have successfully built the Mums in Business brand which encapsulates the importance of professional and personal networking, continuous learning and the need to offer and receive support through every step of the career journey.

Emily leRoux

Emily leRoux

Chief Amazement Officer - Founder

Originally from the south west of England, but long term London resident, I first came to Japan nearly 20 years ago as a student, and have since lived here as a single professional and now as a working mother. I have experienced first hand the challenges of the shortage of childcare places in Tokyo, the lack of flexible working, and the expectation of parental involvement in Japanese schools, so whilst I am excited about this pivotal point for Japan and women’s participation in the workforce, I understand there is still a long way to go!

I was introduced to Emily and Mums in Business in early 2015 and immediately loved the network of support it gave me; it was so refreshing to meet so many other women in the same situation, facing the same issues and being able to hang out and relax over a glass of wine. I love the diversity of the group, with members coming from all over the world and doing all kinds of jobs. I am always inspired and energised after the monthly socials, and having become more involved in Mums in Business this year am excited about the possibilities ahead.


Emma Hickinbotham

Chief Cheerleader - CEO supporting the team